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Whether your horse is in training with me or you’re here for lessons or clinics, my goal is the same:

I’m here to learn the ins and outs of your horse—their personality, what makes them tick, why they do what they do—and to help you bring out the best in him or her. 

I’ll always start with the foundation on the ground and then move up from there, all the while making sure that you as a rider are also growing in your understanding.


As you improve in your communication skills, your horse will improve with you.

How can I help you? 


Bringing along and starting young horses is one of my favorite things to do, and has become the focus of my training program. 


Using my experience from a variety of disciplines and with a number of breeds, l start with the basics to get a solid foundation on the ground. I’ve found this is the best way for me to help your horse become a safe, quiet, controlled partner. 

From there, we move on to essential riding exercises to implement softness, responsiveness and control. The groundwork pays off in this phase because the better your horse understands what you want on the ground, the better they will understand under saddle.

Because my goal is to help your horse be his or her best, I take the time each one requires to gain a true understanding of every step in the training process. 

You’ll find that I cater the program to your specific needs. If you want to trail ride, we will focus on more obstacles. If you ride for pleasure, we will work on getting the horse consistent and bombproof. If you are looking for a performance horse, we can build the program around refinement to set the horse up for success in the chosen discipline.


Either way, a true top-notch horse should master rhythm, relaxation, connection, impulsion, straightness, collection. It doesn’t matter what discipline you want to do, with these skills as their foundation, your horse has everything they need to succeed. That’s what I aim to do with each horse in my program.


Training Includes: 

  • 5 Sessions Per Week

  • Unlimited Lessons (While in training)

  • Off-Farm Field Trips

  • Video Updates

  • Current Shots and Coggins Required 

8 Weeks of Training:  $1400 / Month 
*Two-month minimum for all new training horses.

Long-term Training: $1200 / Month

*Three-month minimum for all long-term training horses.


NOTE: Full board is not included in training rates and is required for all training horses. 

Full Board Includes:

  • Private stall

  • Free choice hay (alfalfa and grass)

  • Grain

  • Private/semi-private turnout with ample grass (or dry lots for horses needing it)

  • All pastures have 4 board fencing and run-in sheds

Full Board: $600 / Month


While I’m passionate about training horses, I want to bring out the best in you as the rider as well. 


We will go deeper than your average riding lesson because I believe your body, mood and posture both on the ground and under saddle play a huge role in your horse’s way of going. 

You will learn:

  • natural horsemanship techniques so that you have a true understanding of how the horse’s mind works

  • basic dressage principles to promote confidence, balance, and suppleness 

  • foundational riding skills to understand the importance of body control for your specific discipline


It doesn’t matter if you are a trail rider, ride for fun or want to compete, there is always something new to learn and improve your skills as a horseman.

Lessons are available on your horse in all disciplines and levels. You are welcome to haul in, or I will come to you!


Lessons Include: 

  • One Session On Your Horse

  • Enjoy a private session or split the cost with up to five people!

Lessons Start at $70 
*Use the button below to ask about availability. I’m also willing to travel if it works with my training schedule.



I take pride in helping you find the perfect match so that you and your horse can truly be at your best.


Are you looking for a new horse? Looking to sell your current horse? 

In addition to helping you find the perfect match, I offer a handful of high-quality, well-schooled horses each year that have been through my program. I specialize in training quiet, all-around type horses for English and Western disciplines.

When we work together to find your right horse or sell your current horse, you’ll learn that honesty is my policy. You can expect me to tell you the truth about my observations of a horse and a buyer so that you can rest assured you’re buying the right horse, or that your horse is going to the most suitable home.  

Consignment Board:

  • $1200 per month + Board and Commission

  • I cover marketing and advertising fees.

  • Horses are in full training. 

Are you ready to buy or sell your horse? 

I also offer the following services on an as-needed basis. Please get in touch to inquire about availability and fees:


  • Horse show coaching

  • Horse show judging

  • Horse purchase evaluations/ assistance

  • Horse sales/ prep/ marketing

Other Services

Kaitlyn has been such an important part my journey with my hardheaded mare. I’ve learned a great deal watching her train all disciplines and breeds while treating each horse as her own.


She takes her job seriously, especially in all the horrible weather! Kaitlyn is who I would recommend anyone from beginner to advance yearling to senior and anything else.


It takes a lot of trust to leave your horse in a trainer's care and you can trust Kaitlyn for all of your horse's needs!

Kelsey Beavers
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