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Have you ever noticed how a horse can act one way with one person and be totally different with someone else? 

This is a perfect example of how you as a handler or rider play a significant part in teaching your horse. 


If you want your horses to be their best, don’t you owe it to them to be the best you can be?

That’s why I’m passionate about sharing what I’ve learned in my years of colt starting, horse training, and riding. Natural horsemanship is about listening to your horse, being aware of why they do what they do (or maybe don’t do what you want them to do), and taking the time to learn how you can best communicate with them.


I’m an advocate for a horse being safe, quiet and controlled; and, I am just as much an advocate of humans taking responsibility and learning all they can to help their horse. 

If you’re ready to learn, then I’m here to help!  


Clinics are a great way for you to learn new skills, try a new discipline, make new horse riding friends, and improve your horsemanship.


Disciplines and topics for my clinics vary, from ranch riding to obstacles to general horsemanship, depending on the location as well as the participant or host's need. 

Check my Facebook page here for the most up-to-date clinic listings and to get registered.

Interested in hosting a clinic? Get in touch!


I love to bring you along my training journeys through videos on my YouTube journal. You get to see natural horsemanship in action and learn along the way!


Are you looking for even more educational resources? 

You can find free horse training and riding tips on my YouTube Channel!

I've featured some favorites on my videos page so you can get a feel for my teaching and training style.



In addition to in-person education, I'll be opening an online coaching program soon. Stay tuned for details on this exciting addition to my program!


Kaitlyn came highly recommended, so when I inherited my mare and needed some help to dust the cobwebs off, I sent her to Kaitlyn for a refresher (and to work all the kinks out for me).

To say she did an amazing job with Shuree is an understatement. She took a 16-year-old pasture pet who could only putz around the ring and taught her how to use her body more effectively and gave her the confidence to do so.


With the foundation Kaitlyn set back up for her, I got back an amazing horse that just needed the finishing touches. I still recommend her to anyone looking for a great natural horsemanship trainer!

Chloe Ras
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