Learn how to apply natural horsemanship principles.

Are you looking for tips on how to best communicate with your horse?

Ready to explore natural horsemanship and see how I use it to train horses in a variety of disciplines?  

That's why I created these FREE training videos!  Below you'll find some of my favorites so you can get a feel forf my teaching and training style.


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It's time to take your horsemanship to the next level!  

Getting a Good Whoa

A good "whoa," or stop, from your horse always starts with a horse that's responsive on the ground.

Body Control Exercises

Learning to carry themselves properly is key to a well-rounded horse. Here are some exercises I use to get my horses soft and listening to my leg aids.

Help for Spooky Horses

If you have a "spooky" horse, you can do these specific exercises to help him or her learn how to be less reactive. 

Kaitlyn is a great trainer! My young horse and I would not have gotten where we are today without her.


She taught me a lot of natural horsemanship exercises and techniques that my horse responded really well to.


She knows a lot of disciplines and is very knowledgeable.


Kailtyn is also super nice, patient, and encouraging.


She creates a very positive atmosphere for both the horse and the rider!

Ella South