Kaitlyn grew up in rural Harford county and was introduced to horses at a young age. Her first pony was named Cinnamon. Over time, she acquired a couple different horses that all seemed to have their own challenges. From there, restarting problem horses eventually blossomed into a career. She still carries her passion to help rescued and troubled horses any way she can. She has competed in two trainer challenges for local rescues.

    Kaitlyn grew up riding hunters and then gained interest in dressage and eventing. She loved the basis behind dressage and the challenge of the cross training involved in eventing. She has taken lessons from many different trainers throughout the years. Along the way, she was introduced to natural horsemanship. She has traveled to clinics, studied videos and taken lessons from top clinicians to learn everything she can. Kaitlyn truly believes in these methods and wants to promote it for every discipline. She has now crossed over into competing in ranch riding an
d reining but still incorporates her background in dressage into her training program.

     Kaitlyn also spent a period of time managing a cutting horse facility in Colorado and has studied many different disciplines. She believes that there is always something new to learn and
tries to continue her education any way she can. She is always looking to learn fresh concepts and exercises through clinics, lessons and digital media.

    Kaitlyn still lives in Harford county where she runs her training facility. She has a cattle dog named Emmy, who is usually supervising in her videos and a quarter horse mare named Jojo. When she is not riding you can usually find her enjoying the outdoors with her pup or relaxing on the boat. Her favorite food is Mexican and she has a slight obsession for Dunkin Donuts iced coffee!